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[Pinned] Guild Information

Resonate has now been around for over two years. Under the previous guild name <Carebears> and now as <Resonate>, we've spent that time as the top Horde guild on Bleeding Hollow with stints as the best guild overall. The players in thi...
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[Pinned] Sales Information

For the right price we'll consider offers for Heroic ToT achievements and loot. Find me in game or message me here for more info.
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Xiic54173Member avatar small Iamafaggot 5y
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Wassup old fams

Yall been busy, GJ on the achievement boys. How yall been?
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Nitefaro the Hunter0644Member avatar small Nitefaro the Hunter 1y
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haha dead guild

you guys strugglin'? lmao you ain't gonna make it to NH
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Love you guys.
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Jesus guys

BRez me next time....
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Cooperation Intention to Honored Guild Leader

Dear Honored Guild Leader,I am from,which is a gamer to gamer platform that providing in-game currency/item/account and other service for gaming players.Its known that a guild can gain nice and valuable items after winning the raids or fig...
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No One Likes you

Nobody likes you.Thank you.
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Fuck You156593Member avatar small drew 3y
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Message to Xiic

Xiic,I'd like to talk to you about something man. (Sorry I left) Could we link up on mumble or a phone call?-Poppin
Member avatar small Poppincapsyo 3y
Poppincapsyo2419720Member avatar small zeeegeo 3y
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Just noticed there hasnt been a thread in a while. And im bored. Hi :)
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Clarification on App

Hey guys, I am here to improve and become the best raider I can be. My app was just declined and I wanted to have a better understanding of why. You were pointing out that my hps were low, and maybe a conversation more than what i typed was needed...
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If my application isn't visible anymore, does that mean it was declined? And if it was declined, may I ask why?
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I just transferred from blackrock to a east coast server cause i live east coast and the hours were horrible on finding a raid guild. I would like to know if you are accepting causal players.
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Wally21861Small Xiic 4y
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Yep...definitely deleted my browser history and lost my app thread URL...status of app? /sigh
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Ingen21853Small Castlekeep 4y
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@ Obé

Hey qtpie, you left without hanging out with me, now I am sad. You should hit me up so we can kick it and I don' cry irl.Also, hello to old Carebears peoples.
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Is anyone attending animenext in Somerset NJ this weekend? Just curious since I will be in attendance on Saturday.
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Alt Raid

if you are interested in an alt run please post the alt's armory you wish to bring.I would like to run 2hrs Friday night 8pm-10pm.Tanks:1. Donasmonk2.Healers:1. Shisnobro (Disc Priest)2. IceShaman (Shaman)3. Discpriest (Disc Priest)DPS:1. ...
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